Monday, April 20, 2009

Slight snag

I think I may have a problem. At some point in the last couple of days I started asking myself what I was saying with "Am I Memorex?" See I had this feeling that there was something I wanted 'say' with the story.(Which is usually a sign that I'm over thinking things.) Not like I wanted to preach some kind of lesson but rather to show some part of me. And today I figured out what part of me was trying to come out through the story.

This has a downside cause now that I know what I want the story to be, I can see bits that I want to change in the parts that I've already posted. I don't want to restart the story but I also don't want to make anyone who has been reading to have to go back and reread everything. Any ideas?

Until I figure out what I want to do about previous parts I will continue with the story as is.

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