Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am I Memorex? - Part 16 - An Interlude

A short interlude in a darkened room. Light from a bank of monitors illuminate two men. On the monitors a woman runs on an indoor track.

"How is she preforming?" the first asks.

"Average. Better than expected," the second replies.

"She's the third?"

"Hmm, no. Fourth," the second man states.

"What happened to the third?"

"Accident. I sent you a memo."

"Huh, I never read those. Next time inform me directly."

"Yes sir."

They watch as she runs a short obstacle course. She runs through tires, swings on a rope, climbs a chain link fence. When she reaches the end she is short of breath and stands hands on thighs of a minute. The men marvel at she who less than a day ago had never stood under her own power.

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